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With a Donor-Advised Fund at United Charitable, you can simplify your charitable giving while maximizing your tax savings.

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Give Now, Grant Later

Make a tax-deductible gift to open your donor-advised fund now. Then decide later which charities you would like to support.

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Start a Family Foundation

A donor-advised fund at United Charitable allows you to build a legacy of philanthropy, and teach the joy of giving to your heirs.

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Establish a Family Foundation

United Charitable offers donor-advised funds as a flexible way for you to manage your charitable giving, creating an enduring, multi-generational family legacy with maximum social impact. There's no better way for you to teach your heirs about the joy of charitable giving!

As an alternative to a private foundation, a donor-advised fund allows you to create a charitable legacy now and for generations to come.

Did you know?

With a donor-advised fund at United Charitable, you can:

  • Create a scholarship fund
  • Make grants to international charities
  • Create a perpetual endowment for future giving
  • Enjoy a lasting legacy of charitable giving for generations
  • Start an employee giving program

How it works

The donor establishes a fund at United Charitable with the name of their choosing (e.g., The John and Jane Smith Family Foundation). You can also use the name of your company (e.g., The Acme Giving Program).

The donor (and/or friends, family members, employees, etc.) can make tax-deductible donations to a DAF at United Charitable. You can donate cash, investments, life insurance, property, etc. Build your legacy by investing the funds in your DAF so they grow.

The donor can then recommend grant disbursements from the fund to other existing charities. You may also design a scholarship granting program, or make gifts from your fund to international charities.

Ready to Start Your Own Donor-Advised Fund?

If you're ready to create your own fund, download our application form and submit it to us at your convenience.

If you would like more information before you start, take a look at our Resources section. If you are looking for any additional forms, you can find them in our Forms section.

Call our fund specialist at (571) 620-3003, or send an email to

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