Let United Charitable Help You Help Your Clients

United Charitable works with advisors around the country to provide your clients with tax-smart mechanisms to fulfill their charitable goals — while their charitable assets are invested under your watchful care.

United Charitable is unique in the sector since it offers a global Donor Advised Fund (DAF) platform and also manages hundreds of charitable programs in communities throughout the United States and around the world. Unlike commercial DAF providers, United Charitable understands what it means to be an independent non-profit working on the ground trying to solve the world’s problems. This deep involvement with charitable programs informs our work with your clients in a way that is not available at a large financial institution. And, it allows us to help you serve your clients’ charitable wishes with the most relevant platform available in the charitable sector. To learn more about United Charitable and how we work with trusted advisors, please click here.

Benefits of a United Charitable Donor Advised Fund

Whether your client wishes to give locally or overseas, United Charitable will perform the due diligence on their charitable beneficiaries ensuring they are in good standing with the IRS, and protecting your clients from making costly or embarrassing mistakes. We perform the OFAC screening, expenditure responsibility and equivalency testing necessary to make legal and safe transfers to overseas charities. And, we counsel your clients in setting up scholarship programs, memorials and honorific gifts. In short, we help you to help your clients at every life moment when charitable giving is on their minds. We guide you and help you to help them – and protect them – while helping them to give however and wherever they wish.

Tax Benefits

United Charitable is a public charity, meaning all contributions receive the maximum IRS tax benefits allowed by law. Donors receive a tax deduction in the year the gift is made, with carryover provisions when they qualify. Gifts of appreciated assets receive a fair market value deduction, regardless of the donor’s cost basis.

Alternative to a Private Foundation

Creating a United Charitable Donor Advised Fund is an easy, low-cost alternative to a private foundation. Using a United Charitable DAF frees the donor from the cumbersome administration, costly excise taxes, and expensive and burdensome 990PF IRS filing that come with private foundations every year. An existing private foundation can be converted into a United Charitable DAF or supporting organization of United Charitable, simplifying your client’s life and enhancing their enjoyment of their charitable giving.

Asset & Investment Options

  • Complicated Assets: United Charitable can accept almost any asset type as a donation to a DAF – cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, partnership shares, art, and other assets.
  • Retained advisor: Donors creating a United Charitable DAF retain their current investment manager, maintaining consistency in their preferred investment vehicles and comprehensive reporting within their overall financial plan.
  • Open Architecture: Investment managers abide by the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) approved by the United Charitable Board of Directors. You have broad leeway under the IPS, and you are not held captive by any one set of investment funds. You advise and select the investments within your client’s DAF.

Planned Giving

Working as a member of your team, United Charitable can help you provide the full range of options for planned gifts in a context easily understood by your clients and integrated into your overall plan for them. Whether simple bequests, Charitable Lead Trusts (CLTs), Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs), or other planned gift mechanisms, United Charitable can help you to help your clients and their heirs to preserve charitable assets across generations, securing their philanthropic legacy in perpetuity.